The Key To Drawing A Nose Realistically

Drawing A Nose – How To Draw Realistic Noses

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In this second portrait tutorial, we are going to focus on drawing noses.

Out of all the features of the face, the nose is probably the easier one to draw. Why? Because the nose doesn’t really do much in terms of conveying emotion. It is more or less static.

Don’t get me wrong though. It is still very important for you to get it right when drawing noses, but at least it’s easier than drawing the other facial features.

Now the important thing to remember when learning how to draw a nose is to avoid hard lines. The 3 dimensional appearance of the nose is actually created by the shadows and shadings.

When drawing the nose, we can achieve the 3 dimensional look of the by using shading, hatching, and cross-hatching techniques.I will demonstrate this in the illustrations below.

How To Draw A Nose Step By Step

First, create the basic outline of the nose on your drawing paper. Despite what I just said, it’s OK to use hard lines at this stage of drawing a nose, because we will remove them later.

drawing a nose realistically step 1


drawing noses step 2

how to draw a nose step 3


noses drawing final stepNotice how the shading on the nose gives it a 3D look and make it seem like it’s actually sticking out of the face. Also, notice how the parts of the nose that stick out the most are white. This is something worth noticing about shading.

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