Manga Tutorials – An Introduction To Drawing Manga

First Of Many Manga Tutorials

This article is going to be the first of a series of manga tutorials that will take you through the process of how to draw manga.

Even if you have never really been interested in manga tutorials, don’t be so quick to write off these lessons.

You’ll be surprise at just how much manga drawings relate to drawing the human figure and how much it utilize human anatomy. Just give these manga tutorials a chance, and I promise you will be surprise at how much you’ll learn and how much your drawing skills will improve.

An Introduction To How To Draw Manga

To start off this manga tutorials series, I’d like to give a brief introduction to this art form of drawing manga.

Manga originated from Japan. It is the static (comic book) cousin of anime, the animated version of manga.

The word “manga” literally translate to “whimsical pictures.” These “whimsical pictures” makes for a terrific story telling tool.

Since it’s development, manga art has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it is particularly popular in the west.

Part of the reason manga art has become so popular among artists, even traditional figure drawing artists, is that it allows for great creative expressions. It’s wild and whimsical style also makes for some dazzling art works.

It’s influences are felt in hit films like Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001) and even in films based on Frank Miller’s work (the renound creator of “300” and “Sin City“)

I hope that introduction has gotten you excited about learn how to draw manga and looking forward to the upcoming manga tutorials. Here’s the quick over view of the upcoming lessons:

Overview Of The Upcoming Manga Tutorials

Lesson 1: Drawing Manga (Creating your manga poses and figures)

Lesson 2: How To Draw A Manga (Here you’ll learn how to fill in your manga figure and give it shape and definition.)

Lesson 3: How To Draw Manga Faces (You’ll learn how to draw great looking faces in the style of manga art)

Lesson 4: How To Draw Manga Step By Step (You’ll learn to draw your first full manga character, step-by-step)

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Well, I hope you are as excited about the future manga tutorials as I am about making them for you.

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    drawing manga seem like an interesting subject. I’ve heard an argument made that manga drawing is not really a rich art form on account of it’s cartoonish nature and look. I don’t know. What you you think?

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