Human Figure Drawing – How To Use The Block In Method To Improve Your Figure Drawing

Using The Block In Method In Human Figure Drawing

When practicing the art of drawing the human figure, the block-in method is one of the most useful tool for the artist. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use this tool to improve your figure drawing skills.

The Block-In in figure drawing acts as an organizational blue print or tool for the artist. The Block-In organizes the drawing and gives the form guidelines for the artist.

So what is the Block-In method and the benefits of learning this technique? In simple terms, the Block-In is a simplified 2D drawing of the 3D person or subject you are drawing. The block in is designed in observation to the model.

This will help your dynamic figure drawing become more realistic and help your drawing come alive! It will help you begin to see the model correctly and help you avoid mistakes that may occur without the use of the block in.

By practicing the block-in, you’ll be able to master the human form with more of a likeness and having it come alive in your drawings.

How To Draw The Human Figure Using The Block-In Method

So, how do you do a block-in for you figure drawing? This is definitely the simplified version but with practice, you will become an expert at this technique.

First, you will start with a sketch of the shape of the whole pose using no more than 6 or so lines. This will create a shell, or what some teachers call an envelope. This shell is where the human figure drawing will develop inside.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it won’t be perfect. The points of the shell will probably be out of place a little, just remember, it’s okay!

This is just giving you a guideline of the pose, helping you figure the overall dimensions.

The next step would be to start to fill in your shell. Do this by subdividing your shell into smaller shells. Then begin to break the shells down into major shapes.

I say major because you don’t want to focus on finer details of your drawing during the block-in. This is a major no, no!

Worries of fine details such as hair, facial features, expression, etc are a waste of time at this point and could lead to big mistakes. This is generally a beginner’s mistake. It is much more important to focus on the larger shapes.

At this point, your drawing will look not so pretty and a little broken up. However, one important note to keep in mind as you go throughout your block-in, always be conscious of your angles.

You will want to begin breaking down your sub shells and refine them. Stay general at first and then get more specific as you go.

Your shell would’ve been broken down into dynamic shapes that will serve as the underlying foundation of the drawing. Your lines will change from long to shorter as the refining process begins.

Finally, after dividing and chiseling away at your shell, you will have a structure that will serve as your blueprint for your drawing. Keep in mind that you have been checking your angles the whole way, this is important.

Block-ins may take a little time getting used to and changing your drawing habits but the rewards are endless.

You will see your human figure drawing improve drastically and immediately and you figures will start to come alive. Explode your human figure drawing with this technique!

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