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How To Draw People And The Human Figure For Beginners

Drawing People Step By Step Many people thing that draw people and the human figure has to be difficult and time consuming. In this article I am going to show you that this doesn’t have to be the case at all. With the right instructions and a little practice, drawing people can be a very […]


Quick Tips And Drawing Techniques For Beginners

How To Draw For Beginners – Some Quick Drawing Tips Tip 1: Your sketch book is your best friend. Get a good one and stick to it. Bring it everywhere you go and take it out when ever you have a chance to draw. Practice makes perfect and the sketch book will allow you to […]


10 Quick Pencil Drawing Tips And Techniques

Beginner Drawing Tips Tip 1: Drawing from real life will help you improve much faster. So when ever you can, try to draw from life instead of a photograph. Tip 2: Trying to draw every single details of a drawing will give your viewer too much information to take in. Some time less can be […]